Battle Kittens: Fun drafting game for the whole family

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Pick your purr-fect team of cute but cutthroat kitties, then deploy them to battlegrounds and watch the fur fly! Each player draft kitten cards to create their squad to deploy at different battlegrounds around town. Every kitten have special characteristics that can help them win as they fight to claim that battleground. Players will have to wisely deploy their kittens to best match and win that particular battleground. The kitten that ranks the highest wins the battleground and its fishes as prizes! Compete multiple rounds to win the biggest haul of fresh fish and become the pick of the litter!

  • Fun drafting game for the whole family
  • Pick your squad of battle kittens and send them into battle to win the most fish
  • Easy-to-learn, fast paced card game
  • High replay value by drafting different kittens to fight with new strategies
  • Contents include 54 Kitten Cards, 9 Battleground Cards, 4 Attribute Cards, 7 King Cards, 6 Reference Cards, 50 -1pt Fish Counters, 15 -5pt Fish Counters, 1 Rulebook

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