Catch the Match Duo On Safari

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Can you spot the two identical images and Catch the Match? Put out two cards and find the matching image, now featuring all sorts of fun things spotted while having an adventure On Safari! For a more challenging game, flip the cards over to the other matching background color and find TWO matching images!

The Catch the Match Duo series of matching games are excellent for sharpening memory, and color and shape recognition skills. With multiple playthroughs this quick and easy-to-learn game can help young minds develop patter recognition skills as well. Featuring thick, over-sized cards for better durability and small hands, Catch the Match Duo games are designed for players ages 5 and up.

  • Find the matching image on two cards featuring fun objects spotted while On Safari!
  • Easy-to-learn game that encourages visual perception, memory retention, pattern recognition, and social interaction when played as a group activity
  • Designed with thick, over-sized cards for better durability and small hands
  • Excellent reply value with bonus challenge mode - flip the card over and try to spot two matching images!
  • For ages 5 and up
  • Instructions in English, Spanish, and French

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