Jurassic Snack - A Family Game for Ages 7+

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  • The young Diplodocus (Diplos) are fond of the delicious leaves that can be found in the surrounding meadows and each shrub has a secret score!
  • Take 2 turns each rounds as you move your Diplos across the plains munching shrubbery. Your team will have to eat more leaves than the opposing team ... unless you choose to use the ferocious T.Rex to eliminate all opposing Dinos in the meadow!
  • Will you eat or be eaten in this introduction strategy game for children and families!

• 4 meadow boards of 3 x 3 squares
• 10 Diplo Figurines (5 blue, 5 yellow)
• 2 T.Rex Miniatures
• 28 Herb Tokens
• Rules Sheet

MSRP: $20.00
Ages 7 +
2 Players or Teams
15 Minute Playing Time

SKU: 74300
UPC: 803004743009

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