Ringmaster: Card Game for Ages 13 and Up

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  • Welcome to the Big Top! Behold the greatest game on earth! RingMaster is a fast-paced, exciting card game in which players compete to build a circus that captures the mind, dazzles the senses and makes the heart pound with excitement!
  • Sabotage your opponent's circus creating mischief and mayhem!
  • Keep your mind sharp and wits about you as you adapt to a game that changes with every card!
  • RingMaster comes with 34 high quality, tarot-sized cards with gorgeous artwork printed on premium thick card stock. The game also includes a stylish carrying pouch so you can take your circus on the road for a world tour!

• 34 high quality, tarot-sized cards
• Stylish carrying pouch
• Instructions

MSRP: $10
Age 13 +
2 - 4 players
10 minute playing time

SKU: 10162
UPC: 074427101626

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