Ascension: Year Five Collector's Edition

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The Ultimate Collection of Ascension's Entire Fifth Year! Ascension is a fast-paced deckbuilding game designed by Magic Pro Tour champions Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, and Brian Kibler.

Enjoy the beloved expansions Dreamscape and War of Shadows released in Ascension's fifth year with the Year Five Collector's Edition!

Use Insight to access the Dreamscape that contains powerful Heroes, Constructs, and Visions. Then, take part in the War of Shadows to harness the power of Night and Day. The Year Five Collector's Edition includes the base set of Ascension, Dreamscape, and War of Shadows expansions, and all promo cards released throughout Ascension's fifth year.

All cards and game boards are treated in premium foil, and this unique Collector's Edition comes with a special token pouch to hold 100 game tokens. The game is packed in a full-color tin but also comes with a travel box and dividers for portability and organization.

Don't miss out on this very special edition of Ascension! Includes

  • Ascension: Dreamscape
  • Ascension: War of Shadows
  • The entire collection of year five promo cards

Specific Components: 320 foil cards 70 honor tokens (35 large red, 35 small white) 30 Insight tokens (20 small, 10 large) 1 gloss foil game board 1 portable storage box 1 Honor token bag 5 Storage dividers 1 Rulebook

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