Ashiok Accessories Bundle for Magic: The Gathering

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Ignite your spark with the Ashiok Accessory Bundle for Magic: the Gathering! This special bundle includes a Stitched-Edge Playmat, a Life Pad, a PRO 100+ Deck Box, and 100 ChromaFusion Sleeves for a premium feel and no-peel art backing. All accessories are packaged in a premium card storage box, which holds up to 700 cards sleeved in Ultra PRO sleeves. This bundle makes an excellent gift, or serves to improve even the most magical collection!

  • Features exclusive Ashiok artwork for Magic: the Gathering
  • This bundle includes:
    • One (1) Premium Stitched-Edge Playmat
    • One (1) Life Pad
    • One (1) PRO 100+ Deck Box
    • One Hundred (100) ChromaFusion Sleeves
  • Sleeves are made with ChromaFusion Technology, for premium opacity and no-peel art backing
  • Premium Card Storage Box - holds 700 cards sleeved in Ultra PRO sleeves
  • Makes an excellent gift or addition to any Magic collection!


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