Burger Academy: Kids Game for Ages 8 and Up

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  • Some people think flipping burgers is pretty easy. But can you flip this burger?
  • Burger Academy™ will have you schooling your friends when you compete to see who can plan out their movements to flip the burger to match the image you are given.
  • Use your bid cards to see who can do it in the fewest moves! But don't bluff! The person who bids the fewest moves has to attempt to flip the burger!
  • With a solo mode or gameplay for up to 6 people, this award-winning game is sure to please!
  • Using logic and a set of movements, Burger Academy introduces families to the basic concepts of coding while providing a great game to play. The picnic aesthetic is inviting while the visual instructions and chunky foam burger-themed components work to engage the mind and body, serving both visual and hands-on learners, allowing them to visualize moves then grab the burger pieces and build it!

• 19 Foam Burger Parts
• 50 Burger Cards
• 40 French Fry Cards
• 1 Fry Holder
• 6 Dials
• 4 Plate Cards
• Rule sheet

MSRP: $15.00
Ages 8+
1-6 Players
20 Minutes

SKU: 10200
UPC: 803004102004

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