Catch the Match Kids Memory Game for Ages 5 and Up

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  • The Eye-Catching Visual 'Pair'-ception Game!
  • Catch the Match is the original eye-catching, pattern recognition game. Can you be the first to spot the matching objects?
  • Simple to learn while still making for an exciting, brain-stimulating time.
  • All players play at the same time trying to be the first to match an object that is exactly identical in shape and color. Be the first to find this pair and say the name of the object and point it out. If correct, the player takes one of the cards as reward. The player with the most cards, when all run out wins!
  • Every two cards have exactly one matching item to find!
  • Easy to Learn, Social Interaction Play
  • Encourages Visual Perception
  • Develops Pattern Recognition
  • Fast-paced and Fun

SKU: PLE71100
UPC: 803004711008

Catch the Match
MSRP: $10
For 2 to 8 players
Ages 5 and up
15 minute playing time

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